St. Mary's Old Cemetery

Margret CAROLL's stone. As you can see, there are no other stones nearby.

This is the base of a stone, surrounded with brush.

Located in this pile of debris, we found a piece of a stone which read:

Aug. 18, (missing)
AE 10 m's 18 d's.

There is a whole pile of bases, all gathered together.

Notice how scattered the stones are. Most are even further apart than this.

This is the only concentrated area of stones.

Another view of the same area, after I had chalked and photographed the stones.

This is the same area of stones, looking back toward the rear of the church.

These two stones are leaning against the church but appear to have no writing on either side.

Joey and Andy are both standing next to a stone. Notice that they are not visible with all the underbrush.

Mike is standing next to a small cluster of stones.