Broadwell Cemetery (SC-3)

Schuyler Falls, Clinton County, New York
DIRECTIONS: This family cemetery is on the west side of Mason Street just north of where the Broadwell Road meets Mason Street.


David BROADWELL / Died Jan 6, 1871 / Age 75 Yrs
Description: Marble stone, fallen.
Copier's note: He was born in Morristown, N.J., July 18, 1795, and married Susan PARROT---p.374, Hurd, Hist Clinton & Franklin Counties).

Stephen / Son of David & Susan BROADWELL. / Died Oct 6, 1857 / Age 29 Yrs
Description: Marble stone. Footstone.

Elizabeth CARROLL / Wife of David BROADWELL. / Died Dec 24, 1839 / Age 74 Yrs
Footstone: E.B.

Description: Marble stone.
Copier note: She was the mother of David2 Broadwell listed herein.
Transcriber note: (3rd wife) is penned in over the above note.

Issabell I. / Daughter of Winthrop & Bula ROBINSON and wife of David KENISON. / Died Jan 30, 1843 / Age 57 yrs
Cast thy bread upon the
waters, for thou shalt find it
after many days. Eccl. 11.1.
Description: Old marble stone.

Wm. PARROT / Died Jul 19, 1856 / Age 62 yr
Description: Marble stone, fallen and broken off.
Copier note: (Brother of Susan Parrot, Wife of David2)

Julia Ann / Wife of C. V. SPALDING. / Died Aug 2, 1855 / Age 23 Yrs / 2 mos
Now I see my Saviour coming,
Quickly to his arms I fly,
On his bosom my head reclining
while the storm is passing by.
Description: Marble stone, fallen. Footstone.

Source: McLellan Cemetery Records