Lord Cemetery

Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York

DIRECTIONS: The Calkin Burial Ground is located next to the fenced in Lord Cemetery on Calkin Cemetery Way, just off Hurricane Mountain Lane, Elizabethtown, New York 12932.



NAME Dates Stone? Miscellaneous Vet
Gibson, Josephine F. 2/17/1907- 6/15/1984 yes    
Hayes, Chester F.  1915-2008 No    
Hayes, Emma Wescott 1860-1959 yes Shares stone  
Hayes, James 6/9/1865-5/15/1938 yes    
Hayes, Robert Jr.  4/26/1915-10/7/1998 yes stone & metal marker, World War II Yes
Hayes, Robert W. 1863-1945 yes Shares stone with wife  
Hayes, Rose Marie DeCicco 11/7/1922  -  7/10/2009 No    
Hayes, William H. 8/26/1823-7/31/1891 yes 118th NY inf Civil War Yes
Kilburn, Allene Browning 1919-1978  yes Wife, Mother, Nana  flat stone  
Kilburn, Alyce Lee (Phinney) 5/28/1952 - 4/20/2008 yes Wife, Mother, Nana  double stone  
Kilburn, Onley Arnold 1917-1982 yes Father & Grandpa   flat stone  
Kilburn, Onley Douglas 11/2/1945  -   yes Husband, Father, Poppy double stone  
Kilburn, Ransom William 1889-1976 yes flat stone  
Kilburn, William John 1949-1963 yes     
Poletti, Charles  7/2/1903 - 8/7/2002 yes Bronze plaque on stone- NY governor  
Poletti, Jean Ellis 5/11/1904 - 2/27/1974 yes    
Rosenberg, Bessie H. 3/14/1884 - 6/10/1979 yes double stone  (married Aug 12. 1904)  
Rosenberg, James N.  11/20/1874 - 7/21/1970 yes double stone  (artist)  
Rosenberg, Joyce K. 8/9/1922  -  3/1/1969 yes natural stone engraved  
Rosenberg, Laura Brook 8/26/1969  age 18 days yes flat stone  
Stambler, Bernard 6/16/1910-2/6/1994 yes double stone  
Stambler, Elizabeth 12/31/1922 - 11/15/1997 yes double stone  
Zetzel, Elizabeth Rosenberg 3/17/1907 - 11/22/1970 yes natural stone engraved  
Zetzel, Susanna Stambler died 8/4/2011 yes