Palmer Cemetery

Dickinson, Franklin County, New York
DIRECTIONS: This cemetery is located 1.3 miles west of Dickinson Center on the south side of the Palmer Road.

COORDINATES:  N 44° 42.709'    W 074° 34.745'


Ella   died June 7, 1861   age 10 yrs. 8 mos. 21 da.   (NOTE: Epitaph unreadable. Broken stone, parts missing. Near Polly RAMSDELL stone.)

Farewell  ...the dead who die in the Lord.   (NOTE: Praying hands on top of stone. This stone is broken and has eroded to the point of being unreadable. It is located in the left front corner of cemetery.)

(NOTE: There is a broken, unreadable stone next to Joseph PALMER's stone.)

Samuel W. CROOK   Born June 23, 1819   Died June 27, 1886   Rest In Peace

Dona L. HALL   Wife of John FINLAYSON   Died June 26, 1884   AE 21 Y'rs.     At rest.

Seth I. HALL   Died Oct. 27, 1887   Aged 55 years   Co. C   96th NYS Inf.   We miss thee at home  

Ellen   Daughter of D. & F. E. JEWELL   Died May 3, 1857   AE 6 days

Fanny E.   Wife of Daniel JEWELL   Died Oct. 15, 1860   AE 22 y. 11 m. 8 d.     (NOTE: This stone is broken.)

Will you meet me there?   Lima M.   Wife of ELD _______   Died June 7, 1861   AE 19 y. 8 m. & 21 d.   (NOTE: This stone is now cracked. According to family members, Lima was the wife of Eldin JEWELL. Eldin moved to Davison Twp., Genessee County, Michigan prior to the 1870 U.S. Census. He died 16 June 1875, age 47 years and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Davison Twp., Genesee County, Michigan.)
My beloved Lima sleeps in Jesus. But I shall
see her again.
Oh think of me as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you shall be
Prepare in life to follow me.

Rozela  daugh. of J. & R. KING   Died Aug. 2, 1860   ag'd 3 yrs.

Ira E.   Son of A. and D. KINGSLEY   Died Feb. 25, 1893     AE 14 Y'rs. & 11 Mo's.
Weep not Father and Mother dear
For I am not dead but sleeping here
I was yours till Christ _____
He loved me best and called
me home.

Infant   Daugh. of J. J. & A. Palmer   Died Apr. 27, 1866

Bet??  (NOTE: Previous transcriptions lists this name as Betsey or Beth P.)   Daugh. of J. and S. J. (NOTE: A previous transcription lists the surname as PALMER.)  Died July 16, 1867   AE 7 ys. & [3] ms.

Elvia B.   Daughter of H. S. & A. PALMER   Died Aug. 6, 1865   Aged 7 yrs. & 1 mo.    (NOTE: This stone is not listed in the 1979 transcription.)

Idella   Daughter of J. & M. Palmer   Died May 19, 1858   AE 3 Mo's.
In her earthly bed beneath the [flow
ers] our little darling lies. But
from heaven's blue Hear a voi
ce Tis hers it sweetly says "Rej-
oice. I am beyond the skies."

James PALMER   Died Dec. 18, 1863   AE 75 y's 2 m's.   Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Footstone: Father

Joseph H. PALMER   Died Jan. 23, 1847   AE 51 Ys.   (NOTE: This stone has been repaired.)

Mary Jane   Died Sep. 30, 1846   AE 3 ys. 1 m.   Daugh. of J. H. and B. D. PALMER

Rosa M.   Daugh. of E. A. & H. PALMER   Died Mar. 25, 1865   AE 3 Ys.   Gone but not forgotten  

Polly   Wife of John RAMSDELL   Died Feb. 1, 1838   AE 44 y'rs.  

William A.   Son of N. F. & P. Ramsdell   Died Nov. 15, 1855   AE 20 ys. & 4 ms.   He is gone but not forgotten.

Warren W.     Son of H. A. and D. R. SHAMPIN   Died Aug. 26, 1890   AE 14 Y'rs. 11 M's. 21 D'ys. (NOTE: This stone is not listed in the 1979 transcription.)

Alice N.   Dau. of J. A. and H. L. SOMERS   Died Jan. 6, 1889   AE 4 Y'rs. & 2 M's.

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