Hardy Cemetery

Crown Point, Essex County, New York




Sacred to the Memory of Andrew Hardy who departed this life the 15th day of Mar. 1810 aged 58 yrs.
Gone home dear friend and shed no tears.
I must lie here till Christ appears,
And at his coming I'm in hopes to have
a joyful ressurection from the grave.

Death is a debt to Nature due
which I have paid and so must you.

Sacred to the Memory of Margaret Hardy a Native of Lincolnshire England. She arrived in the Country in 1776 and departed this life 13 Feb. 1831. We have no knowledge of her age. We believed that she has numbered more than 100 years.
By foreign hands the dying eyes were closed.
By foreign hands the decent limbs composed.
By foreign hands the humble grave adorned.
By strangers honored and by strangers mourned.
(NOTE: This woman landed at Montreal, Canada and came by boat here. She married this man, Andrew Hardy, here. Her father served in the War of 1776 and returned to England in the same year she came here.)