Trimble Farm Cemetery

Crown Point, Essex County, New York

DIRECTIONS: These graves are on the Chilon Trimble farm near the west barn. They are enclosed with a 3-foot wire mesh fence.


"In Memory of Alexander Trimble, Esq. who departed this life 24 Sept. 1828 in the 61st year of his age.
Forgive blest shade the tributary tear,
that mourns thy exit from a world like,
forgive the wish that would have thy hear
and stayed the progress to the seat of bliss."

"Agnes    Wife of Alex. Trimble, died 13 Nov. 1845    Age 69 yrs."

In a stone laid up vault capped by 4 inch red sandstone lettered like this below:
"In Memory of George Trimble Esquire one of the Judges of the Court of Common Please for the County of Clinton, and State of New York who died 6 Jan. 1799 and in the 36th year of his age.
He was a man of probity, quick of apprehension, sound in judgment, and decisive in business.
By his death the public have sustained a loss as a civil officer
He was much respected by the virtuous part of the community,
after laboring years under a tedious complaint
during which time he manifested unparalleled activity
fortitude patience born down by infirmities of life
leaving an affectionate companion to mourn his too early exit.
Plain field stone at foot of this grave
marks the grave of his colored servant
who was kicked to death by a horse."