Warner Family Cemetery

Crown Point, Essex County, New York



Benjamin Warner
Died June 3, 1846
Æ. 89 Years
A Revolutionary Soldier & a friend to the Slave.

In Memory of Anna
Wife of Benjamin Warner
Who died Aug. 17th 1836
In the 78th year of her age.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. 14:13

Samuel Warner
Born Oct. 9th 1789
Died Aug. 19th 1873

Betsey    wife of
Samuel Warner
Born Mar. 26th 1790
Died Oct. 4th, 1867

Henry W. Warner
Died Sept. 28, 1859
Aged 43 Years 11 Months

Only Son of Henry W. & Anna Warner
Died Apr. 21, 1836

Emmitt W.
Son of Fred E. & Susan BARTLETT
Died Sept. 19th 1845
Æ. 10 months


Ben Warner Notes, Misc.

Benjamin Warner served 1775-1779, first in Wooster's Connecticut Regiment Then Benedict Arnold’s Connecticut Reg’t & later in Crane's 3rd Continental Artillery.
Participated in Siege of Quebec and Battle of Long Island.


Canvas Knapsack in the Fort Ticonderoga collections with a short, hand-written note:

"This napsack I cary’d through the war of the Revolution to achieve the Merican Independence. I transmit it to my oldest son, Benjamin Warner Jr. with directions to keep it and transmit it to his oldest sone and so on to the latest posterity and whilst one shred of it shall remane never surrender your libertys to a foren envador or an aspiring demegog.
[signed} Benjamin Warner
Ticonderoga, March 27, 1837"


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