Miscellaneous Burials

North Hudson, Essex County, New York



Benjamin H. EVEREST   Died June 15, 1843   Age 9 years 5 months
(NOTE: This stone is onthe edge of the woods on the west line of Lot 206, Paradox Tract, owned by Elmer Ritson in 1980.)

Name unknown but believed to be:
LYMAN JOHNSON   Born Apr. 11, 1811   Died Nov. 10, 1873
(NOTE: This information was provided to Paul E. Stapley by Gerald D. Provoncha, who was a great grandson of Lyman Johnson. He told a story about his grandfather taking him "up the road a bit and over toward Clear Pond." They stopped near a large boulder and his grandfather Samuel Johnson told him that a relative was buried there with no marker of any kind. He believed it probably was the grave of his great grandfather Lyman Johnson who died Nov. 10, 1873 at Blue Ridge which was the nearest post office to Clear Pond.)


Bernard "Bud" LANTIEGNE   Born June 20, 1921   Died Nov. 9, 1989   World War II Veteran  
(NOTE: Interment of ashes near Clear Pond.)

Abigail Lorain   Daughter of John & Diantha M. GARFIELD STOEL   Born Aug. 28, 1835   Died Mar. 14, 1856
(NOTE: Paul Stapley wrote: "Lived with parents at Durgin Fields, on Boreas. Father was clearing land there and pasturing cattle. She is believed to have died of appendicitis during hot weather. As she could not be brought to Schroon, she was buried at Durgan Fields. There is or was a small heap of stones on her grave there. Her name is on a stone in Severance Cemetery but whether she was reburied there is not known."

Two Burials - Names unknown
(Note: Paul Stapley wrote: "Supposed to have died during an epidemic of smallpox. Believed to have been children of French-Canadian lumbermen living on the Boreas. In both cases, burial is reputed to have been made on their home properties, with no markers.

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