Black River Cemetery

Westport, Essex County, New York

Black River Cemetery is located on US Route 9N north of Westport, New York, just before the Black River which divides Westport and Elizabethtown. The Cemetery sits on a small knoll of land donated by Captain John Lobdell to be used for Black River Cemetery.

The oldest part of the Black River Cemetery is an "abandoned" cemetery and many of the stones are broken, fallen and very difficult to read. That part of the Cemetery is currently maintained by the Town of Westport. The rest of the Cemetery is maintained by the Westport Cemetery Association along with Westport's Hillside Cemetery.

The memorial stones have been "mapped" in rows and are listed in blocks for ease of finding a certain tombstone, starting in the oldest section (Block1) and working to the newest section in a field below the knoll (Block 4). Unfortunately the page numbers can not be seen on the RootsWeb site as the numbers are in the page headers. However by looking at the Block number a researcher should be able to find a particular monument and information.

It was difficult for the writer to determine the Veterans in this cemetery as not all of the Veterans had flags. There were also flags found with memorials where there is a doubt of Veteran status. So this information would need to be determined some other way.

An Index is provided to assist a researcher in locating an individual memorial stone. Maiden names are also provided in the Index to again assist in finding a family name.

Though I have proof-read the information herein, I apologize for any typographical errors that I might have made. For any questions, feel free to wander through this wonderful old Cemetery and locate the monument or marker that may give you the answer.

Jean W. Dickerson
September 2006


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