Merrill Cemetery

Bellmont, Franklin County, New York
DIRECTIONS: Located on the Merrill Road, .4 miles north of the intersection with the Bunker Hill Road. (NOTE: When I visited the cemetery, many stones that McLellan said were fallen and lying on the ground were once again standing. The area had been mowed and was neatly kept with artificial flowers on several of the graves. Most of the stones are now extremely difficult to read.)

COORDINATES: N 44° 50.690'   W 074° 02.799'


Paul MERRILL   Died March 3, 1877  Aged 81 years.
Ah me! And is my time past;
And have my days gone thus fast;
Alas! When these lines you read
See! You are coming with speed.

Hannah   Wife of PAUL MERRILL  Died Dec. 29, 1871  Aged 79 years
Friendship and love we all should seek
Love and friendship we all may keep
May they be in your possession
Within and out your habitation.

Joseph   Son of R. (or P?) & H. MERRILL  Died 22 Feb. 1826
Aged 2 mo’s & 13 days
In my mother’s kind care,
I with joy stay’d awhile;
My saviour design’d
for me there
I met him with a smile.

Gone but not forgotten
John W. MERRILL   Born Apr. 24, 1832  Died Feb. 14, 1905

Lydia A.   Wife of J. W. MERRILL  Died Jan. 15, 1886  AE 53 Y’RS.
Meet me on the other shore.

Mary PARMETER   WIFE OF J. W. MERRILL   Died Mar. 19, 1908   AE 68 Y’RS.

Hercules   Son of J.W. & L. A. MERILL  Died Mar. 14, 1866  Aged 4 mo’s & 4 d’s.
Sleep sweet one.

Little Etta   Died Jan. 10, 1871  AE 7 Y’s. 7 M’s. & 20 D’s.
Suffer little children to come
unto me and forbid them not for
of such is the Kingdom of Heven. [sic]