Hilliker Graveyard

Chateaugay, Franklin County, New York
DIRECTIONS: This small family cemetery is located on the County Line Road in the town of Chateaugay.

COORDINATES: N 44° 55.993'   W 074° 01.048'


In memory of Phebe, wife of Benjamin DOUGLASS   who died April 26th, 1820   aged 28 years

George HILLIKER   died Mar. 11, 1869   in his 74th y'r.
Maria   Wife of George Hilliker   died Sep. 24, 1855   In her 55th y'r.
George M.   died Sep. 5, 1851   In his 22nd y'r.
Almon M.   died 1850   in his 9th y'r.
Albert M.   died Apr. 21, 1841   Aged 13 d'ys.
Julia M.   died June 12, 1831   In her 6th y'r.
Emily C.M.   died Feb. 19, 1849   In her 3rd y'r.
Sons & daughters of George & Maria HILLIKER

George K.   Son of Joseph & Sylva (sic) KNIGHT   Died Apr. 3, 1843   AE 10 years

Jannett I.   Died Apr. 18, 1852   In her 10 th year
Cummins S.   Died Feb. 23, 1853   AE 2 Y'rs. 6 Mo's.
Children of Joseph & Sylvia (sic) KNIGHT

Albert   Son of Heman & Sarah SPAFFORD   Died Aug. 25, 1842   AE 4 y'rs.
Of such is the (Kingdom)
of h(eaven.) (NOTE: This stone is partly buried.)

Hamon VERNAL   Died June 6, 1822   Aged 22 years.
Still still is the pulse & departed the breath,
& the form that was lovely is shrouded in death.
Thou sleepest dearest beneath the green sod,
But thy spirit we trust has ascended to god.

Miles VERNAL   Died Nov. 14, 1828   Aged 27 years

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