Cargin Cemetery

Constable, Franklin County, New York
DIRECTIONS: Take Route 30 north from Malone. Turn left onto Shadow Lane and drive for .75 miles. Then turn north onto Taylor Road for .5 miles. The cemetery is located .3 miles beyond the intersection with the Cargin Road.

COORDINATES: N 44°54.074'   W 074° 18.611'




Mary E.   died Feb. 27, 1858   AE 3 mos.
Charlie L.   died Nov. 30, 1861   AE 10 dys.

Angelin   Wife of John BASFORD   And Daughter of John & Angelin Cargin   Died March 18, 1851   AE 30 yr's. & 2 mo's.

John C.   Son of John & Angelin RASFORD   Died Nov. 22, 1850   AE 4 mo's 4 dy's
Of such is the
Kingdom of heaven.

Angeline   Wife of John Cargin   Died Sep. 28, 1872   AE 72 y'rs.
I know that my Redeemer liveth.

Henry   son of John C. & Phebe CARGIN   Died Sep. 19, 1872   AE 19 Yrs. 6 M's.

Henry,   Died Sept. 19, 1872   AE 18 Y'rs.
Freddie,   Died Feb. 28, 1876   AE 10 Mo's.
Willie,  Died Oct. 1, 1867 AE 6 Mo's.
Children of J. C. & P.M. CARGIN
On the side:
John C. CARGIN   Died Mar. 13, 1904   AE 78 Y'rs.
Phoebe M.   His Wife   Died Jan. 28, 1898   AE 65 Y'rs.
On the side:
John CARGIN   Died Dec. 2, 1879  AE 89 Y'rs.
Angeline   His Wife   Died Sept. 28, 1872   AE 72 Y'rs.   I know that my redeemer liveth.
On the side:
HEBER   Died Jan. 13, 1918   AE 66 Y'RS.
Ida M.   Died Aug. 14, 1925   AE 69 Y'rs.
(NOTE: This stone has broken off its base and is lying flat on the ground.)
Footstone (leaning against the tree): Our WILLIE
Footstone (leaning against the tree): FREDDIE
Footstone (leaning against the tree): HEBER
Footstone: IDA

John CARGIN   Died
(NOTE: The rest of this stone is missing.)

Marion   daughter of C. & C. Childs   Died Feb. 3, 1859,   AE 15 yrs. & 5 ms.

Emma   daughter of I. & J. L. Fay   Died Oct. 12, 1862   AE 1 yr. & 1 m.

Abel W. HILDRETH   1832 - 1884
Lydia A.   His Wife   1838 - 1915
Herbert A.   1859 - 1864
Chester L.   1858 - 1858

Chester L.  Son of A. W. & L. A. HILDRETH   Died Mar. 5, 1858   AE 10 Weeks.

Herbert A.   Son of A. W. & L. A. HILDRETH   died Dec. 28, 1864   AE 5 Y'rs. & 10 Mo's.

Eunice A.   Wife of J. HORRIGAN   Died [July] 28, 1856 (NOTE: The stone is broken through this line.)   Aged 22 Yrs.
Precious in the sight of the Lord is
the death of his saints.

OUR PET,   Infant Dau. of C. C. & Sarah NIMBLET, Died Mar. 29, 1876,   AE 6 weeks

Malissa D.   Wife of Rev. M. SISCO   Died   (NOTE: The rest of this stone is missing.)

Cyrena   Wife of Thomas WELLS   Died June 21, 1855   AE 54 Yrs.   (NOTE: This stone is leaning against a tree.)

In loving remembrance of Julia A. CARGIN   Wife Of Rev. A. WELLS   Died Apr. 26, 1886   AE 63 Y'rs.
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
God, in His wisdom has recalled
The boon his love had given
Although the body moulders here
The soul is safe in Heaven.
On the side:
Rev. A. WELLS   Died July 26, 1905   AE 82 Y'rs.

Thomas WELLS   Died Feb. 9, 1868   In his 73 y'r.   (NOTE: This stone is leaning against a tree.)

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