By Gertrude A. Noble

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Fairview Cemetery is located on Highway 5, about one-half mile northwest of Dickinson Center, Franklin County, New York. Fairview was formed about 1888 when C. A. Morehouse and George Chase bought the land for this cemetery. Taking muck from the Lindon Young farm, Morehouse, Chase, and Horace Hazen planted Norway spruce trees around the plot. F. M. Heath of Potsdam, N.Y., became interested in the cemetery. Mr. Morehouse mortgaged his share and F. M. and Julian Heath held this mortgage, which was between $2,000 and $3,000.The mortgage was paid in 1938 when Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Heath each accepted $150 for their share. The first person to give money for Perpetual Care was Mary Goodrich. This piece of land belonged to John Haskell and was contracted by Fred Heath of Potsdam, N.Y., who sold real estate. The deed is dated November 22, 1897, from Frederick M. Heath and wife, and Florence M. Chase, to Fairview Cemetery Association of Dickinson Center, N.Y. The officers in 1898 were Frederick M. Heath, President; Willard J. Saunders, Vice President; George S. Chase, Treasurer; Herbert N. Ramsdell, Secretary; Harvey G. Waste, Superintendent; and Trustees were Henry H. Briggs, H. N. Ramsdell, George S. Chase, W. J. Saunders, F. M. Heath, and William N. Tuttle, The first body to be buried in the cemetery was Langston Fellows and the second was Charles Jones, both Civil War veterans. Harvey Waste dug Mr. Fellows grave and Carroll Waste, Son of Harvey, as a young boy helped his father dig and fill the grave. They received $1.00 for their work. In 1976 the President was Verness Woodward and Vice President was William Hutchins.


The following information was taken from the original cemetery records. It is sad to say that over the years many people who kept the records were not careful about what they wrote. For instance, many records have the names transposed: Butler became Bulter, Colby became Cobly, and so on. I did not enter burial dates because someone changed many burial dates to 3 days after death, which is not correct. Due to the extreme winters, many burials are held over until spring. I also found where some names were spelled up to four different ways. My grandfather was Hubert E. Wood but records show him as Herbert. I imagine this came from the fact his second wife was the widow of Herbert Ray and they simply wrote Herbert, instead of Hubert. I have attempted to decipher all hand-writing and to correctly spell the name. Often I had to call my aunt, historian for that area, to see if she knew the correct spelling because I was unable to read the writing. I have not listed names for all people buried in one grave except where names for people buried in the same grave are different. I have added these names, hoping this will assist with further research. If a city and state is shown, this is either their residence and/or the place of death. If you have questions or need section and lot numbers, please contact me at:


AIKEN, Deretta E., d. 22 May 1996

AIKEN, Milan George, d. 28 Aug 1961

ALLEN, Mary Elizabeth (Farr), Sister of Allen Whitney Farr and Freddie Farr

ALLEN, Messie, d. 07 Oct 1963

BACON, Aileen L. (Niles), b. 04 Dec 1900, d. 25 Sep 1976, Gabriels NY, Wife of Glenn Bacon [buried with Glenn Bacon, Vincent Niles, Nellie Niles)

BACON, Claude D., d. 11 Apr 1951

BACON, Child (no information) [buried with Claude D. Bacon, Ethel Bacon, Rhoda Bacon]

BACON, Ethel, d. 13 Jun 1935

BACON, Frances (Hilt), b. 30 Jun 1911, d. 05 Mar 1991, Wife of Hubert Bacon

BACON, Glenn, b. 07 Feb 1896. d. 30 Jul 1980, Schenectady NY, Husband of Aileen L. (Niles) Bacon [buried with Aileen L. Niles Bacon, Vincent Niles, Nellie Niles]

BACON, Hubert H., 03 Aug 1907, d. 09 Nov 1979, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Frances (Hilt) Bacon

BACON, Lelah M., 20 Dec 1887, d. 18 Jul 1972, Wife of Leslie Bacon

BACON, Leslie, b. 24 Jan 1990. d. 31 Jul 1964, Husband of Lelah M. Bacon

BACON, Rhoda [buried with Claude D. Bacon, Ethel Bacon, one child]

BAILEY, Florence G., d. 02 Dec 1985, St. Regis Falls NY, Age 79, Wife of Lyle Boyce

BAKER, Bernice Ellen, b. 30 Oct 1921, d. 23 Sep 1992, Massena NY, Wife of Kenneth R. Baker

BAKER, Charles, d. 02 Apr 1934, Husband of Minnie Baker, Father of Willis and Fredus Baker

BAKER, Charles Richard, d. 02 Jan 1942

BAKER, Clarence, sec 1 lot 1 (no other information)

BAKER, Edith (Patraw), d. 19 Sep 1946, Wife of Martin Dexter Baker

BAKER, Fredus, d. 24 Jul 1945, Son of Charles and Minnie Baker, Brother of Willis Baker

BAKER, Kenneth R., b. 06 Oct 1915, d. 12 Dec 1989; cremation 13 Dec 1989, Massena NY, Husband of Bernice Ellen Baker

BAKER, Lawrence, d. 23 Sep 1945 [buried with Frederick S. Winters and Ann Despario]

BAKER, Martin Dexter, d. 08 Mar 1949, Husband of Edith (Patraw) Baker

BAKER, Mary Elizabeth, d. 02 Jan 1954

BAKER, Minnie, Son of, Wife of Charles Baker, Mother of Willis and Fredus Baker

BAKER, William Allen, d. 19 Nov 1987

BAKER, Willis Harrison, d. 30 Nov 1948, Son of Charles and Minnie Baker, Brother of Fredus Baker

BALDWIN, Iva, d. 19 Feb 1964, Husband of M. Merton Baldwin

BALDWIN, M. Merton, d. 15 Jul 1964, Wife of Iva Baldwin

BALDWIN, Ruth I., b. 23 Apr 1913, d. 26 Jan 1997 [buried with Claude Gardner]

BALE, John M., d. 03 May 1935

BARBER, Irene Adeline, d. 23 Apr 1990, Wife of James C. Barber, Sister of Winnie Marshall Serviss

BARBER, James C., b. 30 Oct 1907, d. 13 Jan 1990, Tucson AZ, Husband of Irene Adeline Barber

BARKLEY, Wilma M., b. 07 Mar 1910, d. 12 Apr 1986, Norwood NY, Wife of Henry Barkley

BARNES, Celia M., d. 17 Dec 1933

BARNES, Helen L. (LaFlesh), d. 02 Jul 1943, Wife of Thurman E. Barnes, Mother of Carol A. (Barnes) Fisher, Aunt of Lyle Barnes [buried with Mrs. Carol A. Barnes Fisher, Frank J. Fisher]

BARNES, Thurman, b. 1854, d. 1951, Husband of Helen L. (LaFlesh) Barnes, Father of Carol A. (Barnes) Fisher, Uncle of Lyle Barnes

BARNEY, Doris Ida, d. 22 Nov 1955, Wife of Elwood Barney

BARNEY, Elwood, b. 10 Oct 1921, d. 15 Oct 1995, Moira NY, Husband of Doris Ida Barney

BASSETT, Harvey Lee, b. 30 Jun 1931, d. 28 Nov 1972, Malone NY

BASSETT, Herbert Leslie, b. 22 May 1925, 16 May 1970

BASSETT, Lyle L., b. 06 Sep 1918, d. 22 Jul 1993, Malone NY

BASTIN, Vincent, d. 14 Apr 1933

BEAMIS, Archie E., b. 16 Sep 1913, d. 03 Jun 1979, West Stockholm NY, Husband of Arlene (Russell), brother of Dorothy M. (Beamis) Brothers

BEAMIS, Arlene (Russell), b. 03 Sep 1921, d. 20 Jun 1984, West Stockholm NY, Wife of Archie E. Beamis

BEAMIS, Ella Jane, b. 1894, d. 15 Mar 1959 (buried wth Robert E. Beamis, Clarence H. Russell)

BEAMIS, Emily (Hodges), d. 25 Jan 1946 [buried with William A. Miller, Frank Beamis, William Conlin, Martha Conlin]

BEAMIS, Frank, d. 25 Mar 1946 [buried with William A. Miller, Emily Hodges Beamis, William Conlin, Martha Conlin]

BEAMIS, Robert E., b. 1884, d. 26 May 1969, Lawrenceville NY, [buried with Ella J. Beamis, Clarence H. Russell]

BEAN, David E., b. 01 Nov 1893, d. 24 Nov 1972, Chateaugay NY, Husband of Mary Bean [buried with Mary Bean and Olin W. Bean; records read: Boarder buried here]

BEAN, Erastus David, d. 12 Apr 1938

BEAN, James David, b. 02 Jul 1889, d. 22 Dec 1972, Husband of Mildred M. Bean [buried with Mildred M. Bean, Vernon G. Marshall]

BEAN, Lora (Wheeler), d. 11 Apr 1960

BEAN, Mary, d. 04 Nov 1967, Wife of David Bean [buried with David Bean and Olin W. Bean; records read: Boarder buried here]

BEAN, Mildred M., d. 05 Sep 1985, Malone NY, Age 100, Wife of James David Bean

BEAN, Olin W., d. 24 Sep 1938 [buried with David and Mary Bean; records read: Boarder buried here]

BERDROW, Melissa M., d. 28 Jul 1946

BIGELOW, Lois (Dawson), b. 05 Feb 1895, d. 22 Jul 1973 [buried with Guy H. Dawson, Minnie M. Dawson, Melborne W. Dawson]

BLACK, Margaret M. (Bogett), b. 02 Jul 1901, d. 11 Jan 1976, South Bombay NY, Dau. of Roger M. and Marjorie (Bogett) Clary, Sister of Jerry M. and Larry G. Bogett (twins) [buried with Roy Chesbrough, Ethel Chesbrough, Walter L. Black]

BLACK, Walter L. Jr., b. 01 May 1927, d. 29 Jan 1999, Lycoming PA [buried with Roy Chesbrough, Ethel Chesbrough, Margaret Bogett Black]

BLISS, Violet F. (Tebo), b. 14 Feb 1900, d. Dec 1969, Perry NY, Dau. of Willard F. and Winifred Tebo [buried with Willard F. Tebo, William F. Lazarus, Winifred Tebo, Lloyd L. Tebo]

BOGETT, Bert, b. 1872, d. 03 Jun 1955 (? 1956; probably 1955), Husband of Olive (Wood) Bogett, Father of Hubert Bogett [buried with Olive Bogett, Geraldine Ruth Durkin, 8-year-old child, 9-month-old child]

BOGETT, Beulah M., b. 26 Mar 1913, d. 25 Mar 1987, Massena NY, Wife of Hubert Bogett

BOGETT, Hubert E., b. 23 Oct 1910, d. 05 Feb 1966, Massena NY, Husband of Beulah M., Son of Bert and Olive (Wood) Bogett

BOGETT, Lloyd E., d. 20 Dec 1926

BOGETT, Olive (Wood), b. 1892, d. 1947, Wife of Bert Bogett [buried with Bert Bogett, Geraldine Ruth Durkin, 8-year-old child, 9-month-old child]

BOMBARD, Violet M. (Wiley), b. 23 May 1924, d. 29 Apr 1997, Moira NY, Wife of Milford Bombard

BOYCE, Elaine Lois, d. 30 Apr 1943

BOYCE, Lyle, d. 19 Jan 1961, Husband of Florence G. Bailey [buried with Lorraine Boyce Susice, Mrs. Florence G. Bailey, child]

BOYCE, Rita, d. 09 May 1928

BOYINGTON, Adrian Leonard, b. 12 Jul 1895, d. 23 Jun 1972, Syracuse NY, Husband of Norma Lenore (Wood) Shillington, Father of Gertrude Addie (Boyington) (Riggs) Noble, Son of Leonard Henry and Helen (Weller) Boyington, brother of Ida (Boyington) Phillips and Harold (Boyington) McIntyre

BOYINGTON, Eugene Jason, d. about 1920, Husband of Addie (Farr) Boyington Ross, Father of Elizabeth (Boyington) Woodward, brother of Leonard Henry Boyington [buried with Addie Farr Boyington Ross, William Farr]

BOYINGTON, Helen (Weller), d. 1902, Wife of Leonard Henry Boyington, Mother ofAdrian Leonard Boyington, Ida (Boyington) Phillips, Harold (Boyington) McIntyre

BOYINGTON, Leonard Henry, d. 26 Feb 1932, Dickinson Center NY, Age 68, Husband of Helen (Weller) Boyington and Mrs. Amelia Parks; Father of Adrian Leonard Boyington, Ida (Boyington) Phillips, Harold (Boyington) McIntyre; brother of Eugene Jason Boyington; uncle of Elizabeth (Boyington) Woodward

BRADLEY, Evelin (Rollins), d. 01 Dec 1957

BRADLEY, George L., d. 06 Jul 1952

BRADLEY, Mini, d. 14 Jun 1960

BROTHERS, Dorothy M. (Beamis), b. 20 May 1915, d. Mar 1989, Moira NY, Sister of Archie E. Beamis, aunt of Bobby Beamis

BRYANT, Arthur, b. 06 May 1959, d. 25 Sep 1982, Penn Yan NY

BRYANT, Frances Woodard, d. 24 Feb 1976, Utica NY, Age 60 [buried with Arthur Bryant, Frank McComber, Mary McComber]

BUTLER, Addie, d. 06 Jul 1982, Malone NY, Wife of Edward E. Butler

BUTLER, Claude M., b. 1879, bur. 08 Dec 1964

BUTLER, Donald E.

BUTLER, Edward E., cremated 23 Aug 1994, Husband of Addie Butler, Son of Claude Butler

BUTLER, Maude, d. 07 Sep 1964

BYRON, Ernest A., d. 26 Sep 1955

CERLANEK, Dorothy, b. 20 Oct 1932, d. 24 Mar 1996, Wife of Eric Cerlanek

CERLANEK, Eric, d. 08 Dec 1992, Husband of Dorothy Cerlanek

CHARBONNEAU, Arthur O., d. 27 Dec 1983, Age 65, Husband of Mabel Kathleen Charbonneau, Father of Jacky (Charbonneau) White

CHARBONNEAU, Mabel Kathleen, d. 05 Mar 1981, Moira NY, Wife of Arthur O. Charbonneau, Mother of Jacky (Charbonneau) White

CHARBONNEAU, Ronald K., d. 03 Oct 1990

CHASE, Emma, d. 17 Dec 1930, Wife of George Chase

CHASE, Florance Martha, bur. 10 Mar 1957

CHASE, George, Husband of Emma Chase

CHASE, George Courtney

CHENEY, Bertha L., d. 12 Mar 1931

CHENEY, Fred, b. 1870, d. 28 Apr 1939

CHENEY, Gilbert E., d. 20 Aug 1941

CHENEY, Harold, b. 1895, d. 1923

CHENEY, Howard, d. 20 Apr 1943

CHENEY, Louelle (Chapman), b. 1874, d. 1931

CHESBROUGH, Clara L., b. 12 May 1901, d. 25 Sep 1994, Lockport NY, Sister of Walter Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Ethel, b. 01 Apr 1906, d. 10 Dec 1996, Schenectady NY, Wife of Roy J. Chesbrough [buried with Roy Chesbrough, Margaret (Bogett) Black, Walter L. Black]

CHESBROUGH, Genevieve C. (Meacham), b. 1923, d. 25 Aug 1975, St. Regis Falls NY, Wife of Thurston Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, George Frederick, b. 14 Jul 1895, d. 30 Jan. 1974, Massena NY, Husband of Lowessa (Finlayson) Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Haven Grant, b. 15 Feb 1937, d. 07 May 1990, Theresa PA, Son of George and Lowessa (Finlayson) Chesbrough; father of Mary Ann (Chesbrough) Carg, Kimberly Chesbrough, Michael Chesbrough, James Chesbrough, Thomas Chesbrough; brother of Charles (Verlie) LaBounty, Mrs. Max (Eula) Sawyer, Lynn Tutt (deceased), Thurston Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Herbert Leslie, d. 29 Apr 1950, Husband of Mary (LaMay) Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, John B., d. 15 May 1928, Husband of Louise Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, June, d. 15 Jan 1930

CHESBROUGH, Louise, d. 16 Jul 1925, Wife of John B. Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Lowessa (Finlayson), b. 1900, d. 08 May 1952, Wife of George Frederick Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Mary (LaMay), d. 30 Sep 1939, Wife of Herbert Leslie Chesbrough

CHESBROUGH, Roy J., b. 23 Mar 1903, d. 14 Jul 1987, Massena NY, Husband of Ethel Chesbrough [buried with Ethel Chesbrough, Margaret (Bogett) Black, Walter L. Black]

CHESBROUGH, Walter Earl, b. 21 Oct 1902, d. 13 Jul 1973, Dickinson Center NY, brother of Clara L. Chesbrough

CHURCH, Mauris, d. 25 Sep 1931

CLARK, Anna May (McNasser), bur. 08 Feb 1959 [buried with Ruth Rogers Ira Rogers, Milton Albert Clark]

CLARK, George H., b. 11 Apr 1899, d. 25 Apr 1983, Malone NY, Husband of Veolia (Caples) Clark

CLARK, Herbert H., d. 28 May 1938

CLARK, Martin L., b. 31 Mar 1896, d. Jan 1978, Syracuse NY, Husband of Aletha (Abrams) Clark [buried with Earl O. Colby]

CLARK, Maud, d. 10 Feb 1936

CLARK, Milon Albert, d. 22 Mar 1938 [buried with Anna Mae (McNasser) Clark, Ruth Rogers, Ira Rogers]

CLARY, Marjorie (Bogett), b. 28 Jan 1923, d. 22 Apr 1992, Moira NY, Wife of Roger M. Clary; Mother ofJerry M. and Larry G. Clary (twins); Dau. of Bert and Olive (Wood) Bogett; Sister of Joyce (Bogett) Johnson, Violet (Bogett) Rafter, Geraldine (Bogett) Durkin, her twin sister Margaret (Bogett) Black, and brothers Hubert, Claude, Elwood, Floyd and Loney Bogett [buried with Keith L. Johnson]

COBB, Melvin J., d. 01 Dec 1933

COLBY, Earl O., b. 03 Aug 1922, d. 09 Jun 1978, Norwood NY, Husband of Dorothy Colby [buried with Martin L. Clark]

COLBY, Freid T., b. 22 Jun 1894, d. 07 Jun 1967, Norwood NY, Husband of Ida Bell Colby

COLBY, Ida Bell, b. 18 Jun 1902, d. 03 Jan 1983, Norwood NY, Wife of Freid T. Colby

CONLIN, Martha [buried with William A. Miller, Emily Beamis, Frank Beamis, William Conlin]

CONLIN William, d. 18 Feb 1948 [buried with William A. Miller, Emily Beamis, Frank Beamis, Martha Conlin]

CORNELL, Charlotte, d. 23 Oct 1965 [buried with George Cornell, Myrtle Cornell Porter, Miss Marie Cornell, Margaret E. Cornell]

CORNELL, George W., d. 04 Sep 1951 [buried with Myrtle Cornell Porter, Miss Marie Cornell, Margaret E. Cornell, Charlotte Cornell]

CORNELL, Margaret E., b. 29 May 1917, d. 19 Sep 1987, cremated by Rose Hill Crematory in Linden NJ and bur. 07 May 1988, Staten Island NY [buried with Myrtle Cornell Porter, Miss Marie Cornell, George Cornell, Charlotte Cornell]

CORNELL, Marie, b. 12 Jul 1919, d. 22 Oct 1971 [buried with Myrtle Cornell Porter, George Cornell, Margaret E. Cornell, Charlotte Cornell]

COX, David, bur. 15 Jan 1993, Husband of Margaret Cox

DAGGETT, Adah G., b. 10 Mar 1897, d. 09 Mar 1979, Rochester NY, Dau. of Henry D. and Frances William Daggett

DAGGETT, unnamed baby of Henry and Frances Daggett

DAGGETT, unnamed Son of Henry and Frances Daggett

DAGGETT, Frances (Wilson), d. 29 May 1930, Wife of Henry Daggett, Mother ofAdah G. Dagget

DAGGETT, Henry, d. 29 May 1930, Husband of Frances (Wilson) Dagget, Father of Adah G. Daggett

DAGGETT, Milo, d. 22 Dec 1936

DASHNAW, unnamed baby, d, 26 Aug 1942

DASHNAW, Frederick, d. 24 Jan 1933

DASHNAW, Joseph Lawrence, d. 04 Mar 1931

DASHNAW, Mary (Haskell), d. 22 Oct 1944, Wife of William Dashnaw [buried with Mrs. Rita Dashnaw Meshaw, Mrs. Harvey (Irene) Motsinger, Mrs. Viola Holmes]

DASHNAW, Maude, d. 19 Dec 1957, Wife of Frederick Dashnaw

DASHNAW, Sarah M., d. 09 Aug 1959

DAVIDSON, Howard, sec 14 plot 57, Husband of Lillian M. Davidson

DAVIDSON, Lillian M., d. 28 Feb 1951, Wife of Howard Davidson

DAWSON, Alexander [buried with George Dawson, Mary Jane Dawson, Alexander Dawson]

DAWSON, Carrie Belle, d. 20 Nov 1948 [buried with William A. Hutchins, Dolly E. Hutchins, Homer Dawson]

DAWSON, George A., b. 20 Sep 1889, d. 28 Oct 1975, Wampsville NY, Son of Alexander and Mary Jane Dawson

DAWSON, Guy H., d. 17 Mar 1955 [buried with Minnie M. Dawson, Melborne W. Dawson, Lois (Dawson) Bigelow]

DAWSON, Homer [buried with William A. Hutchins, Dolly E. Hutchins, Carrie Dawson]

DAWSON, Mary Jane, d. 25 Mar 1951

DAWSON, Melborne W., d. 06 May 1947 [buried with Guy H. Dawson, Minnie M. Dawson, Melborne W. Dawson, Lois (Dawson) Bigelow]

DAWSON, Minnie M. d. 1925 [buried with Guy H. Dawson, Melborne W. Dawson, Lois (Dawson) Bigelow]

DELAMETER, Cornealia Doris, d. 02 May 1943

DELAMETER, George, d. 18 Jun 1951

DEMSHAW, Frank, b. 31 Mar 1923, d. 29 Mar 1972 [buried with Mrs. Grace G. Dickerson]

DENNIS, Albert, b. 23 Jun 1920, d. 29 Jun 1985, Husband of Vivian Dennis

DENNIS, Vivian, d. 10 Apr 1969, Wife of Albert Dennis

DESAU, Fred A., d. 14 Jan 1932

DESPARIO, Ann, d. 13 Aug 1994 [buried with Frederick S. Winters, Lawrence Baker]

DEWEY, Aloney M., b. 14 Jan 1981, d. 19 Mar 1968, Husband of Katharine A. Dewey

DEWEY, Bernard, buried 17 Dec 1949

DEWEY, Bessie E. (Smith), b. 31 Aug 1890 in Santa Clara NY, d. 20 Oct 1980, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Luman R. Dewey, Dau. of John and Eldrett (Palmer) Smith, sister of 2 brothers and 4 sisters

DEWEY, David, d. 01 Jan 1933

DEWEY, Katharine A., b. 09 May 1893, d. 13 Mar 1977

DEWEY, Luman R., b. 27 Sep 1888 in Moira NY, d. 13 Sep 1982, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Bessie E. Dewey, Son of David

DEWEY, Maude, d. 04 Feb 1987, cremated 14 May 1987, Lake Placid NY

DEWEY, Richard, sec 9 plot 11

DEWEY, Rodger B., d. Jul 1950, bur. 28 Jul 1955

DICKERSON, Grace (G. or M.), b. 26 Apr 1895, West Stockholm NY, d. 12 May 1980, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of M. T. Dickerson. Dau. of Rev. Davis Gardiner; sister of Paul, Ralph, Donald, Stanley, Esther; maternal grandfather was Esquire Sampson [buried with Frank Demshaw]

DICKINSON, Herschal I., b. 1872, d. 1921, Husband of Jennie M. Dickinson

DICKINSON, Jennie M., b. 1872, d. 1924, Wife of Herschal I. Dickinson

DONALDSON, Doris L., b. 29 Dec 1897, d. 11 May 1896, Watertown NY [buried with Samuel Wright Gleason, Adeline (Tower) Gleason, H. Lansing Donaldson]

DONALDSON, H. Lansing, d. 02 Oct 1989, cremated and bur. 13 Aug 1990, New York NY [buried with Samuel Wright Gleason, Adeline (Tower) Gleason, Doris L. Donaldson]

DOWNEY, Estella R., d. 03 Apr 1938

DREW, unnamed baby [buried with Lizzie R. Drew (born 1892), M. Horace Drew, Lizzie R. Drew (infant)]

DREW, Lizzie R., b. 09 Apr 1892, d. 26 Oct 1986, Adams NY [buried with Lizzie R. Drew (infant), M. Horace Drew, unnamed baby Drew]

DREW, Lizzie R., infant, d. 26 Apr 1986 [buried with Lizzie R. Drew (born 1892), M. Horace Drew, unnamed baby Drew]

DREW, M. Horace, d. 31 Jan 1955 [buried with Lizzie R. Drew (born 1892), unnamed baby Drew, Lizzie R. Drew (infant)]

DUNN, Idella B., b. 23 Jun 1911, d. 14 Aug 1984, St. Regis Falls NY, Wife of Lawrence I. Dunn

DUNN, Lawrence I., b. 23 Feb 1912, d. about 25 Jan 1988, bur. 30 Apr 1988, Husband of Idella B. Dunn

DURANT, Mary, b. 06 Jun 1880, d. 10 Oct 1957, Dau. of Molly Durant [buried with Steven Pode, Edward H. Woodman, Mary Durant, Steven Henry Pode, Alice ?]

DURKIN, Geraldine Ruth, d. 05 May 1977 [buried with Bert Bogett, Olive Bogett, 8-year-old child, 9-month-old child]

EDICK, George W., b. 16 Oct 1909, d. 15 Feb 1983, Trumansburg NY, Husband of Marion G. Edick

EDICK, Marion G., b. 22 May 1914, d. 07 Jun 1978, cremated and bur. 17 Jun 1978, Clinton NY, Wife of George W. Edick

EVANS, Ruth Anna, bur. 29 May 1928

FADDEN, Ira U., b. 1872, d. 10 Jan 1959, Son of James and Lucinda Fadden

FARMER, John, d. 22 Mar 1930

FARR, Allen Whitney [buried with Elizabeth Farr Allen, Freddie Farr]

FARR, Freddie [buried with Elizabeth Farr Allen, Allen Whitney Farr]

FARR, William, d. about 1920, brother of Addie (Farr) Boyington Ross, nephew of Elizabeth Woodward [buried with Eugene Jason Boyington, Addie Farr Boyington Ross]

FARWELL, William E., d. 24 Jan 1938

FELLOWS, Catherine, Wife of Loreston Fellows, Grandmother of Verness Woodward

FELLOWS, Charles W., d. 09 Jun 1950

FELLOWS, Hazel H. (Orton), b. 24 Dec 1897, d. 21 Sep 1985, Malone NY

FELLOWS, Loreston, d. 1894, Husband of Catherine Fellows, Grandfather of Verness Woodward

FELLOWS William S., b. 17 Dec 1890, d. May 1974

FISHER, Coral A. (Barnes), bur. 13 Jul 1966, Springfield MA, Wife of Frank J. Fisher, Dau. of Thurman E. and Helen (LaFlesh) Barnes [buried with Thurman E. Barnes, helen (LaFlesh) Barnes, Mrs. Carol A. (Barnes) Fisher, Frank J. Fisher

FISHER, Frank J., d. 15 Sep 1938, Springfield MA, Husband of Coral A. (Barnes) Fisher [buried with Thurman E. Barnes, Helen (LaFlesh) Barnes, Mrs. Carol A. (Barnes) Fisher]

FOX, Winifred (Drake), d. 20 Feb 1963

FRASER, Harold (Hal) Jeffery Jr., b. 21 Jul 1969, d. 22 Jul 1969, Son of Harold and Gwen Fraser Sr.

FRASER, Harold Jeffery Sr., b. 30 Dec 1921, d. 30 Jun 1988, Husband of Gwen Fraser, father of Harold Fraser Jr.

FYE, Malcolm Charles Sr., b. 31 Oct 1912, d. 14 Jan 1982, Orwell NY, Husband of Sadie Fye

GARDINER, Annie Eliza, d. 29 Nov 1947

GARDINER, Rev. Davis, d. 28 Mar 1951

GARDINER, John Donald, b. 16 Sep 1905, d. 07 Jun 1991

GARDNER, Claude B., b. 29 Mar 1893, d. 25 Feb 1966 [buried with Ruth I. Baldwin]

GARDNER, Maud, d. 15 Jun 1938

GAY, James A., d. 13 Jul 1938

GEER, Henry, d. 07 Jun 1982, Age 51 [buried with Mariah S. Geer, Hannah Gruttenden, Lorona M. Geer]

GEER, Lorona M., b. 1848, d. 1911 [buried with Henry Geer, Hannah Gruttenden, Lorona M. Geer]

GEER, Mariah S., b. 12 Aug 1824, d. 08 Nov 1906 [buried with Henry Geer, Hannah Gruttenden, Lorona M. Geer]

GILBO, George, b. 09 Jul 1897, d. 03 Jun 1966, Dickinson Center NY [buried with Welsey Rollins, John Gilbo (1897-1958) Florance Rollins (1900-1958)]

GILBO, John, b. 1897, d. 11 Jun 1958 [buried with Wesley Rollins, Florance Rollins (1900-1958), George Gilbo]

GLEASON, Adeline (Tower), Wife of Samuel Wright Gleason, Mother ofAddie (Gleason) Rhinehart [buried with Samuel Wright Gleason, Addie (Gleason) Rhinehart, Doris L. Donaldson, H. Lansing Donaldson

GLEASON, Samuel Wright, Husband of Adeline (Tower), Father of Addie (Gleason) Rhinehart [buried with Adeline (Tower) Gleason, Addie (Gleason) Rhinehart, Doris L. Donaldson, H. Lansing Donaldson]

GOKEY, Carmen, d. 02 Aug 1939

GOODRICH, Max, bur. 21 Nov 1932, Husband of Mary Goodrich

GREGUIRE, Arthur, d. 02 Sep 1925

GREGUIRE, Frederick, b. 24 Jan 1904, d. 12 Jun 1970, Dickinson Center NY

GREGUIRE, Virginia Ann, d. 05 Mar 1941

GRUTTENDEN, Hannah, d. 11 Jun 1875, Age 78 [buried with Henry Geer, Mariah S. Geer, Lorona M. Geer]

GUYETTE, Benjamin, d. 20 Feb 1930

GUYETTE, Henry A., d. 03 Nov 1936

GUYETTE, Ida May, d. 13 Dec 1940

GUYETTE, James, d. 01 Feb 1950

GUYETTE, Lona (Phelps), d. 24 Dec 1925

GUYETTE, Thomas James, d. 18 Jan 1941

HANLEY, Betty (Vane), d. 16 Oct 1930

HASKELL, Addie M., d. 06 Apr 1937, Mother of John P. Haskell

HASKELL, unnamed baby, bur. 07 Mar 1932

HASKELL, Carrie Sophia (McComber), d. 24 Oct 1933

HASKELL, Elmer, d. 03 Feb 1934

HASKELL, Esther, sec 13 plot 14

HASKELL, Ethel M., b. 05 Apr 1906, d. 08 Aug 1968, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of John P. Haskell Sr.

HASKELL, Howard Edward, d. 04 Mar 1931

HASKELL, James J., b. 01 Sep 1926, d. 06 Jun 1982, North Lawrence NY, Husband of Margaret S. (Gardner) Haskell

HASKELL, John M., b. 28 Feb 1902, d. May 1980

HASKELL, John P. Sr.. d. 03 May 1980, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Ethel M. Haskell, Son of Addie M. Haskell

HASKELL, Katherine Jean, d. 11 Mar 1932

HASKELL, Myron, d. 13 Mar 1941

HASKELL, Norman, d. 20 Dec 1934

HASTINGS, Gibson Orville, d. 09 Jan 1974, Dickinson Center NY

HATHAWAY, Anna, d. 29 Jun 1967

HATHAWAY, Henry Ellsworth, d. 28 Jul 1950

HATHAWAY, Ralph Newfield, d. 25 Feb 1925

HAZEN, Anna, sec 7 plot 36

HAZEN, Blanche, b. 20 May 1892, d. 12 Mar 1992, Norfolk NY, Wife of Clare Vernon Hazen

HAZEN, Clare Vernon, b. 05 Jul 1887, d. 27 Feb 1974, Norfolk NY, Husband of Blance Hazen, Father of Roger Hazen

HAZEN, Earl L., d. 07 Sep 1959

HAZEN, Florence, d. 28 Jan 1927

HAZEN, Horace, sec 7 plot 36

HAZEN, Ida, b. 15 May 1885, d. 27 Jan 1963

HAZEN, James Bert, d. 23 Dec 1957

HAZEN, Lela, d. 18 Nov 1954

HAZEN, Marjorie, sec 7 plot 36

HAZEN, Millard, d. 04 Oct 1935

HAZEN, Roger Roy, b. 06 Jun 1914, d. 26 Jan 1973, Son of Clare and Blanche Hazen

HODGKINS, Archie F., d. 06 Jul 1949

HODGKINS, Dorothy Lydia, b. 28 Aug 1902, d. 25 Mar 1978, Brasher Falls NY, Wife of Nile Frank Hodgkins

HODGKINS, Nile Frank, b. 31 Jul 1900, d. 23 Apr 1987, Alexandria Bay NY, Husband of Dorothy Lydia Hodgkins

HOLMES, Bernard, b. 26 Aug 1909, d. 25 Nov 1985, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Marion Holmes, brother of Bessie (Holmes) ONeil

HOLMES, Gilbert Henry, d. 29 Sep 1949, Husband of Idona Holmes, father of Bernard Holmes, Bessie (Holmes) ONeil

HOLMES, Idona, d. 04 Jun 1947, Wife of Gilbert Holmes, Mother ofBernard Holmes, Bessie (Holmes) ONeil

HOLMES, Louella B., b. 05 Mar 1923, d. 06 Dec 1987, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Walter J. Holmes

HOLMES, Viola May, b. 25 Sep 1906, d. 12 Nov 1970, Dickinson Center NY, [buried with Mrs. Rita (Dashnaw) Meshaw, Mary (Haskell) Dashnaw (mother), Mrs. Harvey (Irene) Motsinger]

HOLMES, Walter J., b. 20 Nov 1920, d. 15 Jan 1999, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Louella B. Holmes

HOUGH, Lional

HUDSON, Lillian Lucy

HUTCHINS, Allie E., d. 22 Mar 1971, Wife of Douglas Hutchins

HUTCHINS, Carol B., b. 12 Jan 1915, d. 30 Oct 1987, Moira NY, Wife of Royal K. Hutchins [buried with Carlton S. Niles, Beulah D. Niles, Royal K. Hutchins]

HUTCHINS, Dolly E., b. 28 Nov 1909, d. 05 Jun 1994, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of William A. Hutchins [buried with William A. Hutchins, Darrie Dawson, Homer Dawson]

HUTCHINS, Douglas D., b. 16 Jan 1921, d. 20 Apr 1987, Brasher Falls NY, Husband of Allie E. Hutchins

HUTCHINS, Royal K., b. 11 Dec 1911, d. 19 Jun 1993, Husband of Carol B. Hutchins [buried with Carlton S. Niles, Beulah D. Niles, Carol B. Hutchins]

HUTCHINS, William A., b. 20 Nov 1906, d. 06 Jan 1998, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Dolly E. Hutchins [buried with Dolly E. Hutchins, Carrie Dawson, Homer Dawson]

JOCK, Eva, d. 18 Dec 1955

JOHNSON, Keith Lloyd, b. 24 Mar 1932, d. 10 Mar 1979, Bombay NY, Husband of Joyce (Bogett) Johnson [buried with Marjorie Clary]

KAETERLE, Edward, b. 22 Jul 1925, d. 05 Oct 1997

KELLNER, Cecile M., d. 20 Dec 1970, Wife of John C. Kellner [buried with Landy McCloud, Alpha McCloud, John Kellner]

KELLNER, John C., d. 12 Jan 196?, husband of Cecile M. Kellner [buried with Landy McCloud, Alpha McCloud, Cecile Kellner]

KINGSLEY, Nelson E., d. 08 Dec 1937

LaBIER, Valerie (Hastings), b. 23 Feb 1963, d. 19 Sep 1985, Nicholville NY

LaBOUNTY, Harold, b. 02 Nov 1908, d. Apr 1975, St. Regis Falls NY

LaBOUNTY, Maurice A., d. 31 Jan 1948

LaBOUNTY, Nina (Gleason), d. 09 Aug 1965, Wife of Archie A. LaBounty

LAMPSON, Delilah, d. 09 Feb 1944

LAMPSON, George, sec 12 plot 51

LAMPSON, Gertrude, d. 24 Jul 1955

LANGDON, Kevin John, b. 18 Apr 1968, d. 31 Jan 1969, Son of John and Darlene Langdon

LANGDON, Venzo E., b. 24 Nov 1910, d. 14 Jun 1986, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Violet Langdon

LaROCQUE, Neil [buried with William LaRocque]

LaROCQUE, William Nelson, d. 26 Apr 1944, husband of Nellie (McNeil) Wheeler LaRocque

LaVARE, Nelson G. Jr., d. 28 Feb 1989, Dickinson Center NY, Age 30, Son of Nelson and Ruth LaVare Sr.

LaVARE, Nelson Sr., b. 29 May 1913, d. 25 Apr 1986, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Ruth LaVare, father of Nelson G. LaVare Jr.

LAZARUS, William F., 2nd husband of Winifred Tebo [buried with Willard F. Tebo, Winifred Tebo, Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss, Lloyd L. Tebo]

LINDSAY, Idella B., d. 13 Jun 1947, Wife of William Lindsay, Mother ofMildred M. Lindsay [buried with Gretchen Ramsdell, Mildred M. Lindsay, William Lindsay]


LINDSAY, Mildred M., b. 18 Oct 1895, d. 20 Feb 1995, Syracuse NY [buried with Gretchen Ramsdell, Idella Lindsay, William Lindsay]

LINDSAY, Richard


LINDSAY, William, Husband of Idella Lindsay, Father of Mildred M. Lindsay [buried with Gretchen Ramsdell, Mildred M. Lindsay, Idella Lindsay]

LIVG, Hattie, 26 Oct 1932

LOUEY, Gordon, b. 29 Oct 1917, d. 15 Dec 1995, Massena NY

LOUEY, Mini, d. 14 Jun 1960


LOUEY, Pauline

LOUEY, Wilbur J., d. 15 Nov 1935

LYONS, Frank, d. 23 Aug 1940

LYONS, Mary (Shaw), d. 29 Sep 1943

MALONEY, Henry, d. 27 Jun 1947 [buried with Rose Brown Peacock]

MARSHALL, Vernon G., b. 26 Dec 1915, d. 12 Jan 1968 [buried with James D. Bean, Mildred M. Bean]

MARTIN, Paul Napoleon, d. 10 Apr 1933

McCANN, Frank D., d. 25 Oct 1952, Husband of Iva I. McCann

McCANN, Iva I., b. 11 Feb 1893, d. 20 Jun 1973, Potsdam NY, Wife of Frank McCann

McCLOUD, Alpha, d. 06 Nov 1972, Wife of Landy McCloud Jr. [buried with Landy McCloud, Cecile Kellner, John Kellner]

McCLOUD, Landy Jr., d. 08 Oct 1966, California, Age about 50, Husband of Alpha McCloud [buried with Alpha McCloud, Cecile Kellner, John Kellner]

McCLURE, Effie, d. 1947, Wife of W. John McClure

McCLURE, Guy, d. 12 Feb 1961

McCLURE, Mose, d. 28 Dec 1943

McCLURE, Sarah S., d. 10 Apr 1967, Age 72

McCLURE, W. John, d. 19 Jun 1952

McCOMBER, Edna M., d. 25 Feb 1946

McCOMBER, Eugene d. 02 Apr 1945

McCOMBER, Eva C., b. 02 Jun 1887, d. 21 May 1975, Lake Placid NY, Wife of Leon A. McComber

McCOMBER, Frank, Husband of Mary McComber [buried with Arthur Bryant, Frances W. Bryant, Mary McComber]

McCOMBER, Leon A., b. 14 Aug 1886, d. 06 Oct 1969, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Eva C. McComber

McCOMBER, Mary (Barboue), d. 30 May 1946, Wife of Frank McComber [buried with Frank McComber, Frances Bryant, Arthur Bryant]

McCUMBER, Clifford M., b. 10 Apr 1910, d. 06 Jan 1974, Gouverneur NY, Husband of Margaret McCumber, Son of Thadeus and Mina Mervina (Minnie) McCumber

McCUMBER, Margaret C., d. 28 Jul 1979, Gouverneur NY, Wife of Clifford McCumber

McCUMBER, Mina Mervina (Minnie), d. 16 May 1926, Wife of Thadeus Joseph McCumber, Mother ofClifford McCumber

McCUMBER, Thadeus Joseph, d. 27 Jul 1939, Husband of Mina Mervina (Minnie) McCumber, Father of Clifford McCumber

McINTYRE, Donald J. Sr., b. 02 Apr 1922, d. 13 Dec 1990, Dickinson Center NY

McNASSER, John Robert, d. 12 Nov 1948

McNASSER, Milo, d. 17 May 1930

McNASSER, Sarah, d. 18 May 1957

MEACHAM, Catherine, b. 30 Jan 1906, d. 11 Sep 1989, North Lawrence NY, Wife of William Meachan

MEACHAM, Edna, b. 31 Dec 1909, d. 14 Aug 1995, Potsdam NY, Wife of Gilbert Meacham

MEACHAM, Gilbert, b. 15 Nov 1911, d. 21 Mar 1963, Husband of Edna Meacham

MEACHAM, William J., b. 05 Jan 1920, d. May 1978, St. Regis Falls NY, Husband of Catherine Meacham

MESHAW, Rita (Dashnaw), b. 13 Apr 1921, d. 08 May 1970, Dau. of Mary (Haskell) Dashnaw [buried with Rita (Dashnaw) Meshaw, Mary (Haskell) Dashnaw, Irene (Mrs. Harvey) Motsinger, Viola Holmes]

MILLER, Ella Jane, d. 28 Aug 1944

MILLER, Harvey Hardy, bur. 25 Apr 1925

MILLER, Hector Alonzo, d. 02 Sep 1939

MILLER, Wallace Erwin, d. 01 Oct 1941

MILLER, William A., b. 18 Aug 1899, d. 14 Oct 1975, Potsdam NY [buried with Emily Beamis, Frank Beamis, William Conlin, Martha Conlin]

MOODY, Marion Margaret, b. 18 Jul 1903, d. 20 Jun 1981, Wife of Richard V. Moody

MOODY, Richard V., b. 10 Jan 1903, d. 08 Oct 1967, Potsdam NY, Husband of Marion Margaret Moody

MOOMEY, Leo L., b. 1889, d. 13 Aug 1959, Husband of Lilah Doretta (Tuttle) Moomey

MOOMEY, Lilah Doretta (Tuttle), b. 13 Jan 1895, d. 07 Aug 1989, Canton NY, Wife of Leo L. Moomey, Dau. of Everett A. and Eva (Ramsdell) Tuttle [buried with Everett A. Tuttle, Eva (Ramsdell) Tuttle, Leo L. Moomey]

MOREHOUSE, Alva, d. 01 Aug 1956

MOREHOUSE, Clara L., d. 23 Jan 1939

MOREHOUSE, Lillian (McClure), d. 19 Apr 1943

MOREY, Della, d. 20 May 1934, Wife of Jack Morey

MOREY, George

MOREY, Pearle Viola (Rollins), d. 12 Apr 1938

MOREY, Spellman D., d. 08 Oct 1942

MOSER, Denton Earl, d. 08 Jul 1952

MOSIER, James T., b. 11 Sep 1918, d. 14 Aug 1968, Cato NY

MOTSINGE, Irene I., b. 24 Jul 1903, d. 04 Sep 1969, Wife of Harvey Motsinger [buried with Rita (Dashnaw) Meshaw, Mary (Haskell) Dashnaw, Viola Holmes]

MOTT, Buell H., d. 04 Mar 1954 [buried with William J. Palmer, Sophia Palmer, Doris Mott]

MOTT, Doris Grace, d. 01 Feb 1942 [buried with William J. Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Buell Mott]

NILES, Beulah D., b. 12 Jan 1905, d. 19 Apr 1980, Ogdensburg NY, Wife of Carlton S. Niles [buried with Carlton S. Niles, Royal K. Hutchkins, Carol B. Hutchins]

NILES, Carlton S., b. 08 Jun 1906, d. 25 Sep 1985, Watertown NY, Husband of Beulah D. Niles [buried with Beulah D. Niles, Royal K. Hutchins, Carol B. Hutchins]

NILES, Eva (Thompson), b. 16 Jul 1886, d. 11 Feb 1976, Volusia FL, Wife of Raymond Niles

NILES, Hattie A., bur. 03 Feb 1932

NILES, Manfred M., b. 17 Jun 1911, d. 07 Oct 1994, North Bangor NY, Husband of Martha J. Niles

NILES, Martha J., b. 13 Sep 1924, d. 15 Jan 1981, Brushton NY, Wife of Manfred M. Niles

NILES, Nellie (Hazen), d. 13 Jan 1956 [buried with Vincent King Niles, Glenn Bacon, Aileen L. Bacon]

NILES, Noble Friend, d. 04 Aug 1938, Father of Raymond K. Niles and Berenice G. (Niles) Parks, Son of Sylvanus and Louisa (Sampson) Niles

NILES, Raymond K., d. 14 Dec 1962, Husband of Eva (Thompson) Niles, Son of Noble Friend Niles

NILES, Vincent King, d. 01 Jan 1956 [buried with Nellie (Hazen) Niles, Aileen L. Bacon, Glenn Bacon]

NORTH, Ernest Deloid, d. 24 Sep 1934

NORTH Mary (Shell), d. 31 Jan 1952

ONEIL, Berenice M., d. 21 Feb 1983, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of George ONeil

O'NEIL, Bessie (Betsy), b. 05 Jan 1900, d. 08 Jun 1994, Malone NY, Wife of David Alfred ONeil; Mother of Betty, David, and Ronald; Dau. of Gilbert Holmes

O'NEIL, David Alfred, d. 30 Jan 1980, Dickinson Center NY, Age 81, Husband of Bessie (Betsy) ONeil

O'NEIL, George F., b. 06 Jun 1894, d. 10 Feb 1984, St. Regis Falls NY, Father of Rexford ONeil

O'NEIL, Rexford, b. 06 Mar 1917, d. 22 Mar 1986, Ogdensburg NY, Son of George F. ONeil

O'NEIL, Richard, d. 31 Jan 1936

ORCUTT, Manfred Z., b. 22 Apr 1905, d. 31 Mar 1972, cremated and bur. 13 May 1972, Miami FL, Father of Nora L. Orcutt

ORCUTT, Nora L., sec 9 plot 17, Dau. of Manfred Z. Orcutt

ORVIS, Amy (Waste), d. 07 Feb 1931, wife of Richard Orvis Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. John Holman and Almira Waste

ORVIS, Richard, husband of Amy (Waste) Orvis

PALMATEER, Edith, d. 02 Dec 1933

PALMER, Archie, b. 19 Mar 1889, d. May 1964

PALMER, Ardie, b. 22 Feb 1879, d. 04 Feb 1964, Husband of Susan O. Palmer

PALMER, Doris, d. 03 Dec 1950

PALMER, Flora Mae, d. 25 Mar 1944

PALMER, Henry M., b. 14 Jan 1901, d. 17 Mar 1971, Massena NY, Father of Kenneth H. Palmer

PALMER, Kenneth H., b. 05 Jan 1933, d. 12 Jan 1974, Massena NY, Son of Henry Palmer

PALMER, Reginald, b. 09 Aug 1913, d. 04 Apr 1999, Massena NY, Husband of Kathleen Palmer

PALMER Sophia, d. 25 Sep 1931 [buried with William Palmer, Buell Mott, Doris Mott]

PALMER, Susan O., d. 16 Feb 1969, Wife of Ardie Palmer

PALMER, William J., d. 15 Jul 1954 [buried with Sophia Palmer, Buell Mott, Doris Mott]

PARKS, Berenice G. (Niles), b. 06 Sep 1884, d. 02 Apr 1979, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Frank G. Parks; mother of Loretta (Parks) Walker, Brother of Raymond K. Niles

PARKS, Frank G., b. 04 Feb 1883, Dickinson Center NY, d. 27 Feb 1961, Husband of Berenice G. (Niles) Parks, Father of Loretta (Mrs. Harold) Walker, Son of George and Charlotte (Everett) Parks, Brother of Ovette Parks

PARKS, Lucy M., b. 30 Sep 1890, d. 07 Mar 1991, Malone NY

PATRAW, Deltra Mary, d. 26 May 1953

PATRAW, Edwin Joseph, d. 03 Jan 1946

PATRAW, Francis, d. 07 Mar 1934

PATRAW, Glenford Peter, b. 22 Jan 1889, d. 04 Oct 1966, Massena NY [buried with Lawrence L. Sanford]

PATRAW, Harriet Blanche, b. 03 Nov 1897, d. 05 Aug 1985, Norwood NY, Wife of Wendell E. Patraw

PATRAW, Wendell E., b. 23 Mar 1887, d. Jan 1963, Husband of Harriet Blanche Patraw

PATRAW, Wesley E., b. 30 Jun 1897, d. 25 Jul 1975, Massena NY

PEACOCK, Rose (Brown), b. 31 Jan 1882, d. 04 Feb 1973, Massena NY [buried with Henry Maloney]

PECK, Daniel D., b. 15 Aug 1948, d. 28 Aug 1998, Watertown NY

PECK, Roland S., b. 21 May 1914, d. 20 Feb 1986, Winthrop NY, Husband of Margaret Peck

PERRY, Francis R., b. 17 Aug 1910, d. 21 Mar 1979, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Katherine (Provost) Perry

PHILLIPS, Elvah Sheldon, b. 1854, d. 09 Jan 1932, Husband of Mary Phillips

PHILLIPS, Mary, b. 10 Nov 1883, d. 27 oct 1967, Carthage NY, Wife of Elvah Sheldon Phillips

PIKE, Francis P., d. 01 Jan 1999, Husband of Della Pike

PIKE, John Frank, b. 18 Oct 1917, d. 27 Jul 1976, Winthrop NY, Husband of Lois (Powell) Pike [buried with Eva A. Powell, Edgar I. Powell, Lois (Powell) Pike]

PIKE, Lois (Powell), b. 31 Oct 1920, d. 06 Jul 1994, Potsdam NY, Wife of John Frank Pike [buried with Eva A. Powell, Edgar I. Powell, John F. Pike]

PLANTY, Alice W., b. 1895, d. 1902

PLANTY, Evelyn (Barina), b. 1876, d. 1907, Wife of Stephen O. Planty

PLANTY, George W., d. 14 Sep 1952

PLANTY, Hobart S., b. 1901, d. 1904

PLANTY, Hobert, b. 1905, d. 1985

PLANTY, Rupert H., b. 11 Mar 1905, d. 16 May 1985, Henderson Harbor NY

PLANTY, Stephen O., b. 1852, d. 1885, Henderson Harbor NY, Husband of Evelyn (Barina) Planty

PLANTY, Steven, d. 14 Sep 1952

PLOOF, Floyd Morey, d. 21 Jan 1938

PLOOF, Hazel Alice, b. 08 Sep 1896, d. 10 Apr 1988, Dickinson Center NY, Dau. of Mrs. Herbert (Aileen) Currier

PLOOF, Joseph, d. 03 Apr 1965, Husband of Lavina A. Ploof

PLOOF, Lavina A., b. 05 Apr 1891, d. 04 Mar 1978, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Joseph Ploof

PLOOF, Lula Gertrude, b. 06 Jun 1901, d. 08 Nov 1971, Ogdensburg NY, Mother of Rita [buried with John B. Smith, Everette E. Smith, 2 babies (listed under Smith)]

PLOOF, Malcolm (Mahlow) John, d. 06 Jan 1926

PLOOF, Ruth Idonna, d. 21 Sep 1927

PODE, Steven, b. 1875, d. 1919 [buried with Steven Henry Pode, Edward H. Woodman, Mary Durant, Alice ?]

PODE, Steven Henry, d. 09 Feb 1957 [buried with Steven Pode, Edward H. Woodman, Mary Durant, Alice ?]

PORTER, Myrtle S. (Cornell), b. 20 May 1921, d. 28 Oct 1980, Massena NY [buried with Miss Marie Cornell, George Cornell, Margaret E. Cornell, Charlotte Cornell]

POWELL, Edgar I., b. 1898, d. 1943, Husband of Eva A. Powell [buried with Eva A. Powell, Lois (Powell) Pike, John F. Pike]

POWELL, Eva A. b. 1898, d. 1958, Wife of Edgar I. Powell [buried with Edgar I. Powell, Lois (Powell) Pike, John F. Pike]

POWELL, Julius Henry, d. 09 Sep 1952 [buried with Eva Powell, Deretta E. Aiken, Milan Aiken]

POWELL, Lawrence Henry, b. 24 Dec 1900, d. 09 Jan 1970, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Marjorie Ethel (Earl) Powell

POWELL, Marjorie Ethel (Earl), d. 17 Feb 1968, Wife of Lawrence Henry Powell

PROVOST, Rodney, d. 14 Jul 1966, Age 23d, Son of Irving and Wanda Provost

RAFTER, Dean Earl, d. 18 Mar 1952

RAMSDELL, Estella, sec 12 plot 18

RAMSDELL, Gretchen, b. 22 Aug 1899, Dickinson Center NY, d. 22 Jul 1982, Syracuse NY, Sister of Grace (Ramsdell) Vining, Dau. of Herbert and Nettie Ramsdell, Paternal grandparents are Rev. Nelson and Eliza Ramsdell, Maternal grandparents are Watson and Laurentine Page [buried with Mildred M. Lindsay, Idella Lindsay, William Lindsay]

RAMSDELL, Herbert Alberton, d. 10 Jul 1943

RAMSDELL, Lottie (Bump), d. 10 Jan 1937

RHINEHART, Addie (Gleason), Dau. of Samuel Wright and Adeline (Tower) Gleason [buried with Samuel Wright Gleason, Adeline (Tower) Gleason, Doris L. Donaldson, H. Lansing Donaldson

RICHARDSON, Josey M., d. 15 Feb 1960, Wife of William A. Richardson

RICHARDSON, Sarah Ann, d. 22 Jul 1926

RICHARDSON, William A., d. 31 Mar 1951, Husband of Josey Richardson

ROBIDOUX, Kevin James, d. 13 Mar 1982, Age 27d, Son of Kevin and Laura Robidoux, Maternal grandson of Clarence and Elizabeth Russell [buried with Elizabeth Russell, Clarence H. Russell Sr.]

ROGAS, Ruth, bur. 07 Apr 1965

ROGERS, Ira Evart, d. 14 Jul 1949 [buried with Anna Mae (McNasser) Clark, Ruth Rogers]

ROGERS, Ruth, d. 10 Jan 1965 [buried with Anna Mae (McNasser) Clark, Ira Rogers]

ROLLINS, Alfonso, d. 22 Jan 1926

ROLLINS, Allie M., b. 15 Jun 1883, d. 23 May 1967, Winthrop NY

ROLLINS, Estella Cynthia, b. 21 Jul 1898, d. 28 Mar 1971, Winthrop NY

ROLLINS, Florance, b. 1900, d. 02 Dec 1958, Wife of Wesley A. Rollins [buried with Wesley A. Rollins, John Gilbo, George Gilbo]

ROLLINS, George S., d. 06 Oct 1931

ROLLINS, Millie, d. 29 Dec 1925

ROLLINS, Nora, d. 20 Jan 1955

ROLLINS, Robert W., d. 02 Jun 1954

ROLLINS, Wesley A., d. 12 Jan 1947, Husband of Florance Rollins

ROLLINS, William, d. 05 Aug 1936

ROOT, Cherrell C., d. 08 Sep 1949

ROOT, Chester A., d. 06 Sep 1946

ROOT, Mary Abbie, d. 18 Aug 1941

ROSCOE, Gladys E., b. 16 Apr 1916, d. 10 Oct 1998, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Lloyd Roscoe Sr.

ROSCOE, Lettie, d. 30 Jan 1952

ROSCOE, Lloyd V. Sr., b. 30 oct 1913, d. 07 Mar 1984, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Gladys E. Roscoe

ROSCOE, Sarah, d. 30 Nov 1937

ROSCOE, William E., d. 08 Apr 1944, Age 67

ROSS, Addie (Farr) Boyington, d. 28 Mar 1944, 1st husband was Eugene Jason Boyington, Mother of Elizabeth (Boyington) Woodward, Sister of William Farr [buried with William Farr, Eugene Jason Boyington]

ROSS, Gladys Kempton, b. 06 Apr 1903, d. 16 May 1976, Massena NY, Wife of Lloyd William Ross, Dau. of S. W. Ross

ROSS, Lloyd William, b. 21 Apr 1908, d. 24 Jul 1974, Malone NY, Husband of Gladys (Kempton) Ross, Son of S. W. Ross

ROSS, Nina, d. 28 Dec 1965

ROSS, Sandy, d. 20 Apr 1955

RUSSELL, Blanche M., d. 22 Jun 1972, Wife of Gilbert H. Russell

RUSSELL, unnamed child

RUSSELL, unnamed child

RUSSELL, Clarence H. Sr., b. 21 Nov 1906, d. 30 Dec 1979, Lawrenceville NY, Husband of Elizabeth A. (Betty) Russell

RUSSELL, Elizabeth A. (Betty), d. 19 apr 1989, Lawrenceville NY, Wife of Clarence H. Russell Jr.

RUSSELL, Gilbert H., d. 03 Dec 1945, Husband of Blanche M. Russell

RUSSELL, Joseph, d. 1955 or 1956, Husband of Leona Russell

RUSSELL, Leona, Wife of Joseph Russell

RUSSELL, Shirley Jean, d. 06 Nov 1938

RUSSELL, William J., b. 06 Nov 1906, d. 06 Oct 1976, Watertown NY

SABIN, Hattie, d. 10 May 1933

SAMPSON, Alfred H., d. 22 Sep 1939

SANFORD, Lawrence L., b. 08 Jan 1910, d. 09 Aug 1992, Tupper lake NY

SAUNDERS, Leslie, d. 24 Jan 1939

SAUNDERS, Willard J., d. 19 Sep 1932

SOUSVILLE, Eleta, b. 28 Jul 1900, d. 19 Dec 1991, Rochester NY, Wife of George J. Sausville

SOUSVILLE, George J., b. 20 May 1899, d. 10 Oct 1987, Rochester NY, Husband of Eleta Sausville

SEAVER, Ella (Webb), d. 06 May 1944

SHAMPINE, Ella, d. 24 Apr 1964

SHAMPINE, Walter L., d. 22 Mar 1951

SHANTY, Fredus William, b. 27 Aug 1926, d. 26 Aug 1976, Nicholville NY

SHATTUCK, George Idora, Husband of Ida Shattuck

SHATTUCK, George M., d. 11 Dec 1958

SHATTUCK, Ida, d. 26 May 1939, Wife of George Idora Shattuck, Mother of Lyle A. Shattuck

SHATTUCK, Lyle A., b. 30 Sep 1908, d. Mar 1980, Auburn NY, Son of George Idora and Ida Shattuck

SHEPARD, James, d. 29 May 1931

SHILLINGTON, Norma Lenore (Wood) (Boyington), b. 07 Oct 1911, d. 06 Jun 1991, St. Regis Falls NY, 1st husband was Adrian Leonard Boyington and 2nd husband William John Shillington of Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada; mother of Gertrude Addie (Boyington) (Riggs) Noble

SMITH, ??, [buried with Lula G. Ploof, John B. Smith, Everette E. Smith]

SMITH, ??, [buried with Lula G. Ploof, John B. Smith, Everette E. Smith]

SMITH, Alice (Woodward), b. 06 Jan 1891, d. 27 Mar 1964, Connecticut, cremated, Wife of Lawrence Eugene Woodward (deceased)

SMITH, Arthur E., b. 03 mar 1956, d. 31 May 1978, Brushton NY, Son of Jack and Pauline Smith

SMITH, Barney C., d. 07 Mar 1946

SMITH, Elizabeth, d. 29 Mar 1948

SMITH, Emily A., d. 26 Oct 1960

SMITH, Estella E., b. 20 Sep 1892, d. 18 Jan 1970, Albany NY

SMITH, Everette E., b. 1863, d. 1904 [buried with Lula G. Ploof, 2 babies, John B. Smith]

SMITH, George

SMITH, George Randolph, d. 25 Oct 1959

SMITH, John B., b. 1848, d. 1919 [buried with Lula G. Ploof, John B. Smith, Everette E. Smith, 2 babies]

SMITH, Kenneth L., b. 21 Jun 1902, d. 19 Mar 1979, Brushton NY, Husband of Alice Smith [buried with William Fellows, Hazel H. (Orton) Fellows]

SMITH, Maud (Clark), d. 14 Feb 1955

SMITH, Nellie, b. 12 Sep 1899, d. 23 Sep 1981, Ogdensburg NY, Dau. of John Smith

SMITH, Paul F., d. 21 Jan 1957

SMITH, Phyllis O., b. 09 Sep 1924, d. 23 May 1999, Tupper Lake NY

SMITH, Steven Arthur, b. 21 Jul 1950, d. 22 Sep 1979, Winthrop NY, Husband of Charlotte (VanWaite) Smith

SMITH, Violet (Barney), d. 23 Aug 1953

SMITH, Walter B., d. 17 Dec 1950

SOUTH, Howard E., d. 24 Oct 1930

SUSICE, Lorraine (Boyce), d. 21 Aug 1966, Dau. of Robert Boyce [buried with 2 children, Mrs. Florence G. Bailey, Lyle Boyce]

SWEENEY, Blanche, b. 1891, d. 27 Jun 1944, Wife of Fred Sweeney

SWEENEY, Frank, sec 14 plot 48

SWEENEY, Fred, b. 1883, d. 1936, Husband of Blanche Sweeney

SWEENEY, Rachel, b. 19 Apr 1915, cremation d. 10 Feb 1988, bur. 26 Apr 1988, New York NY, Dau. of Fred and Blanche Sweeney

TEBO, Lloyd L. [buried with Willard F. Tebo, William F. Lazarus, Winifred Tebo, Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss]

TEBO, Willard F., Husband of Winifred Tebo, Father of Obra W., Lyle R., and Hollis K. Bliss, and Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss [buried with William F. Lazarus, Winifred Tebo, Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss, Lloyd L. Tegbo

TEBO, Winifred, Wife of 1st husband Willard F. Tebo, 2nd husband William F. Lazarus, Mother of Obra W., Lyle R., and Hollis K. Bliss, and Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss [buried with Willard F. Tebo, William F. Lazarus, Violet F. (Tebo) Bliss, Lloyd L. Tebo]

THOMAS, Clayton L., d. 08 Jun 1980, Dickinson Center NY, Son of Lelon G. Thomas and Irene E. (Sabine) Thomas (Raymo) [buried with Mabel Whitcomb, Lelon Thomas, Clayton L. Thomas]

THOMAS, Francis D., b. 28 Sep 1917, d. 19 Sep 1989, Winthrop NY, Husband of Laura M. Thomas

THOMAS, Laura M., b. 06 jan 1922, d. 25 Sep 1999, Hudson Falls NY, Wife of Francis D. Thomas

THOMAS, Lelon G., b. 30Mar 1927, d. 07 Feb 1986, Dickinson Center NY [buried with Mabel Whitcomb, Clayton L. Thomas]

TUTTLE, Eva (Ramsdell), b. 1876, d. 24 Apr 1962, Wife of Everett A. Ramsdell, Mother of Lilah (Tuttle) Moomey [buried with Everett A. Tuttle, Lilah (Tuttle) Moomey, Leo L. Moomey]

TUTTLE, Everett A., b. 1874, d. 29 Oct 1939, Husband of Eva (Ramsdell) Tuttle, Mother of Lilah (Tuttle) Moomey [buried with Eva (Ramsdell) Tuttle, Lilah (Tuttle) Moomey, Leo L. Moomey]

TUTTLE, Helen E., d. 24 Oct 1979, North Bangor NY, Wife of Lannes Edgar Tuttle Jr.

TUTTLE, Lannes Everett Jr., b. 30 Sep 1920, d. 07 Sep 1998, Auburn IN, Husband of Helen E. Tuttle

TUTTLE, Lannes Edgar Sr., b. 28 Jun 1897, d. 24 Mar 1978, North Bangor NY, Husband of Myrtle (Barrett) Tuttle

TUTTLE, Myrtle (Barrett), b. 26 Jan 1896, d. 29 Nov. 1981, North Bangor NY, Wife of Lannes Edgar Tuttle Sr.

TYLER, Genevieve, d. 19 Dec 1964

VAIL, Zillah (Hatler), d. 25 Sep 1927

VEBBER, Gwendolyn Louise (Woodward), b. 06 Sep 1921, d. 13 Apr 1987, Canton NY, Wife of Fay Vebber

VINING, Pierre J., b. 06 Oct 1901, d. 10 May 1993, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Grace (Ramsdell) Vining

WALKER, Harold H., b. 22 Jul 1908, d. 11 Jan 1996, Daytona Beach FL, Husband of Loretta Walker

WANGER, George Ell, b. 15 Mar 1931, d. 18 Mar 1931

WARDEN, Tora, d. 22 Sep 1927

WASTE, Alice Mae, b. 25 Mar 1890, d. 05 Jan 1973, Rochester NY, Wife of John Waste

WASTE, Carroll Edwin, b. 05 Jul 1884, d. 19 Oct 1972, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Myrtle (Dale) Waste (#1) and Myrtle (#2), Son of Harvey Gray Waste and Miranda (Smith) Waste

WASTE, Harvey Gray, b. 27 Feb 1841, Dickinson Center NY, d. 22 Jul 1927, Husband of Miranda (Smith) Waste, Father of John Harry Waste, Royal Smith Waste, Carroll Edwin Waste, and Almira Electa Waste, Son of John Holman Waste and Almira D. (Hulbert) Waste; Brother of Murray, Edwin, Seraph (family member said John Hulman Waste was born 13 April 1807 in Ticonderoga NY, he and Almira had 10 children)

WASTE, Jack, d. 1919, Son of John and Alice Mae Waste

WASTE, John Henry, d. 27 Nov 1956, bur. 22 Jun 1957, Husband of Alice Mae Waste

WASTE, Leland Harvey, b. 10 Aug 1911, d. 23 Nov 1989, cremated and bur. 27 Jul 1991

WASTE, Miranda Smith, (baby) d. 1934

WASTE, Myrtle (Dale), d. 22 Sep 1930, 1st wife of Carroll Edwin Waste

WERTH, Earl H., b. 08 Nov 1896, d. Dec 1963, bur. 04 Dec 1963

WERTH, Emma Maloney, b. 24 Jan 1880, d. 12 Jun 1968, Saranac Lake NY

WHEELER, Alma A., 25 Jun 1910, d. 26 Feb 1980, North Lawrence NY, Wife of LeRoy Wheeler, Mother of Kenneth R. Wheeler

WHEELER, Anna E. (Dewey), b. 05 Jun 1885, d. 16 Dec 1986, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Harlow Wheeler

WHEELER, Harlow S., b. 11 May 1886 in St. Regis Falls NY, d. 08 Jan 1957, Husband of Anna E., Father of LeRoy Wheeler, Son of Louis and Nellie (McNeil) Wheeler; Nellie remarried William LaRocque

WHEELER, Kenneth R., b. 31 May 1949, d. 02 Aug 1969, Son of LeRoy and Alma Wheeler

WHEELER, LeRoy L., d. 24 May 1958, Husband of Alma A. Wheeler, son of Harlow S. and Anna E. (Dewey) Wheeler

WHITCOMB, Mabel G., d. 07 Oct 1972 [buried with Leland Thomas, Clayton L. Thomas]

WHITCOMB, Sharon Marie, d. 20 Mar 1950

WHITE, Michael C., b. 04 Feb 1966, d. 16 Aug 1973, Son of Duane and Jacqueline White

WHITMAN, Orin E., b. 22 Sep 1921, d. 20 Feb 1997, Saranac Lake NY, Husband of Evelyn C. Whitman

WILEY, Etta May, d. 01 Sep 1958

WILEY, James F. Sr., 11 Jun 1922, d. 29 Aug 1997, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Norma Wiley, Father of James F. Wiley Jr., Grandson of Raymond Wiley Sr. [buried with Violet M. (Wiley) Bombard]

WILEY, James F. Jr., b. 14 Dec 1956, d. 19 May 1979, Dickinson Center NY, Son of James F. and Norma Wiley Sr.

WILEY, Nancy J., d. 08 Nov 1951

WILEY, Raymond Sr., b. 24 Aug 1896, d. 20 Nov 1966, Dickinson Center NY

WILEY, Wilbert H., d. 05 Mar 1952

WINTERS, ??, baby son of Philip and Joyce Winters

WINTERS, Cora May (Niles), d. 18 Jul 1953

WINTERS, Curtis Gordon, d. 27 Jan 1945, Son of Sylvanus (Vern) and Elfie P. Winters

WINTERS, Elfie P., d. 29 Apr 1969, Wife of Sylvanus (Vean) Winters

WINTERS, Fortana, b. 14 Jun 1898, Dickinson Center NY, d. 23 Dec 1996, Dickinson Center NY, Dau. of Philip and Cora (Niles) Winters, Sister of Sylvanus (Vean) Winters, Grandparents were Sylvanus and Louisa (Sampson) Niles, Great-grandfather was Samuel Niles (father of Sylvanus Niles), Louisa Niles parents were Jeremiah and Susanna (Worden) Sampson

WINTERS, Frederick S., d. 13 Nov 1994 [buried with Ann Despario, Lawrence Baker]

WINTERS, Gary N., d. 27 Aug 1963

WINTERS, Infant, d. 12 Jul 1961

WINTERS, Philip, d. 14 Feb 1904, Age 39, Father of Fortana Winters and Sylvanus (Vean) Winters

WINTERS, Sylvanus P. (Vean), b. 12 Dec 1889, d. 30 Nov 1962, Husband of Elfie P. Winters, Son of Philip and Cora (Niles) Winters, Brother of Fortana Winters, Grandparents were Sylvanus and Louisa (Sampson) Niles, Great-grandfather was Samuel Niles (father of Sylvanus Niles), Louisa Niles parents were Jeremiah and Susanna (Worden) Sampson

WOOD, Ethelda Augusta, b. 23 Mar 1916, d. 17 Mar 1918, Dickinson Center NY, Dau. of Hubert Earle and Gertrude Elizabeth (Iby) Wood, Grandparents were John and Susan Wood

WOOD, Flora Belle (Cotey) Ray, b. 05 Mar 1886, d. 04 Jan 1984, Age 97, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Herbert Ray (#1) and Hubert E. Wood (#2), Mother of Donald S. Ray and Meredith H. Wood, Dau. of John Labon Cotey and Clara Marie (Chambers) Cotey, Sister of twins Ord and Ward and Mary, maternal grandfather was Samuel Chambers, her grandmother was Nancy Gillespie and Nancys father came from Ireland and her mother from England

WOOD, Gertrude Elizabeth (Iby), b. 14 Jun 1891, d. 23 Oct 1918, Wife of Hubert E. Wood, Mother of Norma Lenore (Wood) Boyington Schillington, Lurleen Mildred (Wood) Rowell, Agatha Elaine (Wood) Hollister Brabon, and Ethelda Augusta Wood, 9 siblings: Florence (Iby) Kingsley, Guy H. Iby, Gordon N. Iby, Carrie L. (Iby) Barrett, Gladious L. (Iby) Gonyeau, Clarence L. Iby, Loretta Iby, Hobart Iby

WOOD, Hubert Earle, b. 26 Feb 1889, Teboville NY, d. 09 Aug 1949, Dickinson Center NY, Age 60, Husband of (#1) Gertrude E. (Iby) Wood and (#2) Flora Belle (Cotey) (Ray) Wood; Father of Norma Lenore (Wood) Boyington Shillington, Lurleen Mildred (Wood) Rowell, Agatha Elaine (Wood) Hollister Brabon, Ethelda Augusta Wood, and Meredith H. Wood, Son of John and Susan Wood

WOOD, John, b. 02 Apr 1853, d. 12 Dec 1913, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Susan Augusta (Jefferson) Wood

WOOD, Susan Augusta (Jefferson), b. 08 Dec 1857, d. 08 Aug 1922, Wife of John Wood

WOODARD, Flora Pearl, d. 8 Apr 1971

WOODARD, Friend Blood

WOODARD, George Loreston, d. 01 May 1955

WOODARD, Mary Etta, sec 8 plot 31

WOODMAN, Edward H., b. 1867, d. 06 Oct 1944 [buried with Steven Pode, Steven Henry Pode, Mary Durant, Alice ?]

WOODWARD, Elizabeth (Boyington), b. 19 Apr 1889, d. 24 Oct 1969, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Verness S. Woodward, Mother of Eugene Woodward and Marjorie Woodward

WOODWARD, Eugene, sec 8 plot 30, Son of Verness and Grace E. Woodward, Grandson of Loreston and Catherine Fellows

WOODWARD, Lawrence Eugene, d. 27 Mar 1964, sec 8 plot 15

WOODWARD, Marjorie, sec 8 plot 30, Dau. of Verness S. and Elizabeth (Boyington) Woodward

WOODWARD, Nancy Elizabeth, b. 28 Dec 1941, d. 29 Sep 1944, Dau. of Verness and Pauline (Harwood) Woodward

WOODWARD, Verness S., d. 27 Mar 1961, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Elizabeth (Boyington) Woodward, Father of Nancy Elizabeth Woodward

YADDOW, Bernice M. (Wood), b. 28 Mar 1906, d.07 Sep 1985, Dickinson Center NY, Wife of Harold F. Yaddow, Dau. of Arthur Wood

YADDOW, Elmer, d. 21 Nov 1943

YADDOW, Harold Floyd, b. 07 Mar 1900, d. 06 Feb 1981, Dickinson Center NY, Husband of Bernice (Wood) Yaddow

YADDOW, Ira G., b. 27 Aug 1895, d. 18 May 1974, Dickinson Center NY

YADDOW, John, d. 22 Apr 1939

YADDOW, Leroy, Grandson of John and Susan (Guyette) Yaddow

YADDOW, Susan (Guyette), d. 11 Aug 1939, Wife of John Yaddow

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