County townships' organization dates

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Malone Evening Telegram

MALONE—The Board of Supervisors, composed of the 19 executives of the Franklin County towns, was the governing body of the county until the Supreme Court ruling of one-man, one vote resulted in the formation of the Franklin County Board of Legislators.
      Chateaugay is the oldest organized town in this county, formed March 15, 1799 from Champlain. At that time, it was in Clinton County.
      When Franklin County was formed there were three towns, Chateaugay, Constable and Harison (Malone).

The county townships' dates of organization were:
Altamont, organized from Waverly in 1890.
Bangor, organized from Dickinson June 15, 1812.
Bellmont, organized from Chateaugay, March 25, 1833.
Bombay, organized from Fort Coving ton, March 30, 1833.
Brandon, organized from Bangor, January 23, 1828.
Brighton, organized from Duane, November, 1858.
Burke, organized from Chateaugay April 26, 1844.
Constable, organized from Harison, March 13, 1807.
Dickinson, organized from Harison, April 4, 1808.
Duane, organized from Malone, Jan. 24, 1828.
Fort Covington, organized from Constable, Feb. 28, 1817.
Franklin, organized from Bellmont, May 20, 1836.
Harrietstown, organized from Duane, March 19, 1841.
Malone, organized from Chateaugay, March 2, 1805.
Moira, organized from Dickinson, April 15, 1828.
Santa Clara, organized from Brandon in 1888.
Waverly, organized from Dickinson in 1880.
Westville, organized from Constable, April 25, 1829.

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